27 January 2012

The Night the Gin Froze - Part III

Part III – Abandon

Alan laughed when Brittany blocked his meager show of affection.  They had known each other for six months prior to the trip and little of that time had spent upright.  He knew she wouldn’t be around come the New Year but he had thought they would make it back to the States.  He regretted losing her given how lovely she was to look at.  He would hang her as art in his bedroom if he could. 

Thomas was his usual concupiscent self.  Alan occasionally picked women for these trips with him in mind.  Poor Thomas still considered himself the lothario he was in college.  But Charlene would only turn a blind eye for so many before she would reel Thomas back in with one of their vehement fights. 

The Night the Gin Froze - Part II

Part II – Indenture

“Oh for God’s sake, Char!  When are you going to stop trotting out that moth-eaten story?”  Thomas said pouring another round of wine for all.  He gave a wink to Brittany as he topped her off, sure she appreciated the attention.  Thomas elected himself ambassador to all of Alan’s girls. Somebody had to pay attention to them during the day.
Charlene finished her story, laughing as much as those listening.  The wine had saturated everyone’s mood.  “The little brat!”  Charlene cackled. 
Brittany, who had been watching Alan’s phone as he played some game, tuned back into the story.  “Was it your kid?”
The group’s laughter died to an awkward titter. Glances darted from one member to the next.