05 January 2014

Heathers Ghost Story

Heidi wondered if the shocked expression the woman wore was her natural look or truly surprise.  She had, after all, knocked on Heidi’s door with intent for Heidi to open it, hadn’t she? 
“Hello.”  Heidi said waving the hand that wasn’t holding the paintbrush.
“Hello.”  The lady responded hesitantly.
“The paint fumes must be ghastly, I’m so sorry.  I have been breathing them so long, I can’t even smell them anymore.”  Heidi offered.
“So you’ve… “ the lady said haltingly.
“Its appalling, isn’t it?”  Heidi said looking at the paintbrush in her right hand.  “I must have been possessed to buy it.  It looks like Barbie held her prom in there.”
The lady gave a weak smile.